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TSD & Productions

About Us

We Bring Independent Films To The Big Screen!


True Sail Distribution (TSD) gives Independent movies an opportunity to be Showcased in selected Cinemas in Nigeria, and Selected cities in Canada. (TSD) is a live screening event set up to support and promote independent filmmakers from all around the world who have the perseverance and courage to create, collaborate and invest in their own movie dreams. We accept, and screen independent contents! At TSD our goal is to continue to bring together film visionaries and enthusiasts, while enjoying the beauty of independent cinema.

Our Mission Statement

True Sail Distribution (TSD) to create opportunities, discover and share independent content while providing a platform for filmmakers and movie lovers to join a cinema family that gathers talented visionaries and creative minds for an evening filled with laughter, new connections and original content.

TSD's Movie Premier Red Carpet concepts for each title give local movie lovers and supporters an opportunity to come together, mingle and connect with filmmakers, actors and other stakeholders.

Our Festival Partners

Our Canadian Corporate Partners!


Indeed, our affiliation with The Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival - (TINFF.Net), The International Black and Diversity Film Festival (IBDFF.Net), and the Black Actors and Film Guild Canada ensures that producers benefit from an added opportunity, which includes reaching out to greater audiences.


At True Sail Distribution, our marketing team focused on providing strategic campaigns that will target the ideal audience for your title. Our primary focus is to target the people most likely to purchase a cinema ticket to see your title.

Independent Cinema

At TSD we accept, and screen independent content worldwide!  

Our goal is to continue to bring together film visionaries and enthusiasts while enjoying the beauty of Black Cinema.

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